Highway One is Closed

Subject: Re: Upcoming storm


CHP has requested closing Hwy 1 as of 6 PM tonight due to rocks in the roadway. Big Sur is closing the North end at Fuller’s and Cambria is closing the South end at Ragged Point.

This will be a soft closure like we’ve done in the past and the gates at either slide are not going to be locked at this point. I’ll call Shane and get the CMS’s activated.

Please feel free to respond or call me if you have any questions at all.


No highway closure today

Both Mud Creek (PM 8.9) and Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6) sites looked good this morning and the forecast for today/tonight has gone down so there will be no preemptive closure today. Crews will assess again tomorrow.

Winter is here, there is a line of storms in the forecast, there is a possibility we may need to preemptively close Hwy. 1 with less than 48 hours’ notice. Crews will continue to assess the sites, monitor the forecast, and provide an update as conditions warrant.

Storm Report, Sunday, 1/6/19

3:45 pm – I just came across an excellent article by John Lindsey, a meterologist in SLO on several possible reasons why the storm door is now open. It is worth your time to read.


10:45 – From NWS – Radar indicates a strong cell near the Point Sur lighthouse. Heavy rain may cause localized flooding. Strong winds to 40 mph possible as well.


Photo Sunday – Tenacious Tomatos

These guys are doing their damnest to produce fruit right up until the first snow. A week’s worth of below freezing temps, and they STILL hang on. In case you are wondering, my tomatoes of choice for up here are Champion, Celebrity, Ace, and Early Girl. All proven producers for my environment. This was taken on Friday, before the storm. I’ll pick all the remainder during the next break in the weather and let them finish indoors. They gave me a lot of salsa, tomato sauce, and BLTs.