Highway One is Closed

Subject: Re: Upcoming storm


CHP has requested closing Hwy 1 as of 6 PM tonight due to rocks in the roadway. Big Sur is closing the North end at Fuller’s and Cambria is closing the South end at Ragged Point.

This will be a soft closure like we’ve done in the past and the gates at either slide are not going to be locked at this point. I’ll call Shane and get the CMS’s activated.

Please feel free to respond or call me if you have any questions at all.


3 thoughts on “Highway One is Closed

  1. As if 11 pm the road is hard closed at Salmon Creek with no passage. Several folk tried to travel south through there this evening from the Gorda area to no avail. One family was in a truck. Hopefully the morning will bring sucess.

  2. I’ll be driving up at 8am this morning. I’m a Big Sur local. Am I able to get through?

  3. There is a slide at Salmon Creek blocking the way per Lisa as of 11 pm last night. No way to know if Cal Trans will be able to get to it by 8 am

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