Storm Report & Highway Conditions, 1/7/19

This is part of what NOAA says we can expect:

Long story short, we`ll continue to be under a wet pattern for at
least the next 7-10 days. As the rain accumulates and soils
saturate this week and into the weekend, will have to monitor for
an increasing risk of mudslides and debris flows. Also will need
to monitor for rising small streams and creeks.

8:45 am – Cal Trans is cleaning up between Ragged Point and Salmon Creek and will be cleaning up to Fuller’s and hopes to have the highway open by 10 am. Here are a couple photos from yesterday morning:

5:30 am – It was reported to me by an employee of Pacific Valley School that there was a “hard closure” near Salmon Creek around 11 pm, that several people tried to get through from Gorda and were not able to. I notified Cal Trans this am.

We got an astoundingi almost 5” of rain here in the last 24 hours.



9 thoughts on “Storm Report & Highway Conditions, 1/7/19

  1. Wow, Kate, 5″ is a ton of rain for one storm. Let’s hope Route 1 doesn’t suffer anything more serious. Soil looks saturated on that slope you photographed.

  2. Kate, so actually you had upwards of 8″ for the weekend — phew. Now I see there is a high surf ( 18-24 feet in places) and gale warning out. Stay safe and I hope the Mud Creek beach fortifications hold up!


  3. It’s good they are fortifying it further. Fingers crossed it will be enough this next week with the continued wet weather. Stay safe.

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