Temporary Closure of Highway One likely by Sunday 5 pm.

The storm forecast has changed and gone up significantly with heavy rain predicted Sunday evening and overnight, Jan. 6th into Jan. 7th. Crews will assess tomorrow morning (Sunday, Jan. 6) and continue to monitor the forecast.

There is a high likelihood Hwy. 1 at Mud Creek (PM 8.9) and Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6) will each close by 5 pm tomorrow, Sunday, Jan. 6.

An update will be provided by noon tomorrow after staff assessment is made.

2 thoughts on “Temporary Closure of Highway One likely by Sunday 5 pm.

  1. This preemptive closing of the hwy with locked gates is BS. Previous years of putting a barricade across one lane with a Road Closed sign across the “open lane” let locals make their decision to pass through or not while tourists turn around to return from where they came (if they didn’t read however many signs preceded the barricade). Waiting until noon for the muckity mucks to make a decision for passage keeps locals & PV School from having a life! What about emergencies that Big Sur Fire may need to respond to?

  2. I know your position, Little Philly, and I understand. But those days were pre-invasion. Now we have tourists who are trying to court danger to be the next, best Instagram or You Tube celebrity. I wouldn’t want to be the engineers having to make these decisions – close it and evoke the wrath of locals, tourists, and businesses alike – OR leave it open under dangerous conditions? I am just thankful that the conditions are not dangerous enough to warrant closure.

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