Storm Report 1/10/19

Oh, boy…Big Sur to receive up to a FOOT of rain in the next week? So says John Lindsey, SLO Meterologist.

The ECMWF & GFS models increased cumulative rainfall totals.  If these verify, between 3 and 8 inches is forecast Friday through next Thursday with Big Sur receiving as much as 1 foot of rain. The heaviest rain is expected Monday into Wednesday.


And from Dave Hovde of KSBY:



8 thoughts on “Storm Report 1/10/19

  1. Kate, good Friday morning…O.T. – How will the state law for street vending that was passed for ’19 – IMPACT Big Sur and South Monterey County Coast communities / CPOA/CABS – etc? I’m sure this will add more tourists and vehicles to the area by default.

  2. Sorry folks the above summit has been ongoing these past 2 days.. I’m sure some participant will give us a summary when finished…

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