Storm & Road Conditions, 1/16/19

11:15 am – Big Sur Pfeiffer Campground closed due to wether and flooding concerns until Friday, 1/18. Big Sur Lodge remains open. Riverside Campground is also closed.

10:30 am – put off starting today’s fire, as it was quiet, and not too cold when I woke, but now the wind is picking up…sucking the heat out…and it is time. The storm is on its way and looks to include not just wind and rain but potential lightning, as well. I hear power is back to Big Sur Valley, finally. For how long is anyone’s guess. Stay warm, stay dry, and most of all, stay safe.


One thought on “Storm & Road Conditions, 1/16/19

  1. Kate, it looks like Point Reyes & Marin Headlands rain/wind clobbering those folks, animals, and infrastructure- hope we all make it out unharmed/safe.

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