Storm & Road Conditions, 1/17/19

2 pm – about two hours ago, I asked Susana of Cal Trans for an idea about when we could expect an assessment of the road situation to be available. She informed me she hoped to hear in an hour. So far, no update.

REMINDER: As one motorist found out, tow trucks are not permitted within the closure area. This one was by Esalen.



7 thoughts on “Storm & Road Conditions, 1/17/19

  1. There’s already an incredible amount of water at the top of that slide. It’s got a lot of Volcanic material around it. Used to ride my horse up there near the top as it was part of our horse lease. Mr. Jimmy used to say you have to start at the top!!

  2. Blessings Kate thank you for all your help and being so Awesome !!!! Blessings Warrior

  3. Stupidity as always is rampant and widespread. There will be more.idiots going around the barricades

  4. For what purpose? They will end up trapped between the barricades and the locked gates, where there will be no help if they get stuck in the mud flow, or get a flat due to the rocks, as tow trucks are not allowed on the closed area, and it is closed from Deetjen’s to Ragged Point. Even though the rains have stopped, for the most part, the slides and rock falls have not. Do not forward, please

  5. What storms? Winter & Wildfires revisited; latest updates: ………


    CC/CPC: “Supervisor, experts to talk about wildfires” pg 6..scroll now on the latest digital copy… via….1/25/19…

    “Monterey County 5th District Supervisor Mary Adams has organized a public meeting on the topic Jan. 31, 6 p.m., at Palo Corona Regional Park

    The meeting will take place in the Palo Corona park head-quarters at 4860 Carmel Valley Road.”

    More info on story go to link above..

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