With 2 weeks of groceries on board…

… I had to get a cooler and some ice. There were a few other things that I could use, so I decided to get on the other side of the Santa Lucias and head to the Target in Paso Robles, where I picked up an igloo ice chest and ice and a few miscellaneous items (that I cannot even remember, now).

Blue skies encouraged me to head East, to be in a position to go up Naci, if the opportunity presented


I decided on the RV park at Camp Roberts (I am a vet with DoD ID, and allowed) which is a “no-frills” place to park with full hook-ups, which I didn’t need. The price was fine, and I would not have to worry about a knock in the middle of the night. I signed up for 2 nites, but when I woke, there was a break in the weather …


This was my view upon awakening. Note the Luci light in the windshield gathering sunlight. (Thank you Anni Agren for introducing me to these little wonders.)

So I left messages for Rock Knocker and Son, to see if one of them, could run interference on South Coast Ridge Road with their chain saw for me. Son said he would be able to meet me just after dark, so I headed to King City for diesel and breakfast at Denny’s.

After breakfast, Rock Knocker called and agreed to run interference for me during the daylight and I breathed a sigh of relief. Contacted Son, and suggested he get to the Hermitage to spend the night, and he did.

At 11:30 am – a friend contacted me re a tree down blocking Nacimiento Rd. 2 miles east of the summit. Damn, double damn…now what? (To be continued…)



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  1. ot- Kate, you have shopped at plenty of commissaries.- stores – what’s your opinion on its quality of food and any other items it carries?

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