Will Nacimiento open up?

I sat in the parking lot of Denny’s, using my iPad to constantly check the CHP website. The last posting was that CHP was trying to figure out whether the USFS or FHL Fire would be able to clear it. I watched the site like a hawk, and answered some emails, and PMs and DMs, etc. and while I waited. After about an hour, as I was typing a message, it occurred to me that I could call FHL Fire and find out, so I did. I headed out to the west.

I saw Rock Knocker on the road and we stopped. He needed gas and propane, so we ran back into King City for his supplies, and so he could grab a quick bite at Burger King, and then we were back on the road again, and I was able to get my shoulders down from my ears, where they had been “perched” for days due to stress & anxiety.


We caravaned across FHL. This is the Nacimiento River (apparently it is the San Antonio River – I have been incorrect all these years?) at full steam. Love that view!

After we crossed into the Los Padres National Forest, when the road follows the river, RK stopped at one point to ask me to keep up. I was trying, really, but that Sprinter is a big thing. Because I was “trying to keep up” I couldn’t stop to get a couple photos I wanted of waterfalls coming right out of the rocks and flowing across the road. It was both amazing and alarming!

Finally, at about 3 pm, we got to South Coast Ridge Road. A BMW behind us stopped at the intersection in confusion, seeing us turn onto the dirt, so RK stopped, got out, and went to speak with them. They were on their way to Treebones. See, John Handy? I told you that those seeking out your place would still be coming, even with the road closures.

Anyway, they went on their way. RK and I switched to High Range 4×4 and proceeded on… (to be continued.)


9 thoughts on “Will Nacimiento open up?

  1. BSK, these time splits are driving me batty – when are you going to catch up?

  2. So, Jon, does San Antonio feed into Nacimiento, or does Nacimiento feed into San Antonio? Or are they completely separate? I know Naci travels through Fort Roberts, but that might be the outflow from the Naci Lake, for all I know. San Antonio River must flow into San Antonio Lake. Both Naci and SA rivers must eventually empty into Salinas River…

  3. Kate witnessed the argument against “you can’t squeeze water from stone…”. Well, maybe we can’t, but Mother Earth can.

  4. Suzi, I looked it up, and San Antonio River feeds into lake by the same name. Nacimiento feeds into its name-sake lake. Both are tributaries of the Salinas River and parallel each other until the divert to their respective lakes. San Antonio River runs west of Nacimiento.

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