Day 6 – finally on the home stretch, literally

After Rock Knocker talked to the tourists heading to Treebones, we headed south on South Coast Ridge Rd. At the very first blockage, our neighbor and friend, Peter, came up behind us. They could have both gotten under these trees, but I was too tall. Peter drove 3 miles past his own turn to see us all the way to our back gate. What a guy! Inside the gate, the top of a dead pine came down.  I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.

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10 thoughts on “Day 6 – finally on the home stretch, literally

  1. glad you have a comfy warm home to greet you.
    i’m concerned about next weeks rain with our saturated soil and old 100 ft pines that potentially could hit my house and am considering some preemptive tree cutting but not cheap as you have to have licensed climbers. Cambria has a prohibition on removing any healthy tree near your home unless it is leaning a required degree.
    smart people do not park a car near a pine in a storm .thry snap in a storm and then later they without warning uproot .
    we may not be big sur down here but we deal with weather problems.

  2. Now-a-days, the entire state is dealing with weather problems, Mahala, and wildfire problems the other half of the year, not just Big Sur. I remember when the entire West End of town was underwater. Still have the water mark on that used book store next to the general store. Don’t remember what I was doing out and about, but saw it from Highway One driving by. Now THAT was a very remarkable event!

  3. Kate, your driveway is far from fun in the winter especially for the commuter vehicle – but, here is 3 cheers for normalcy for the following week, oh wait, not yet – confirmed..

  4. Kate I have photos of the west village underwater. The county did redo the entire pump and drainage into Santa Rosa creek so shouldn t happen again. Just started raining.

  5. Kate, Good to know you are home after your long and epic journey! Since we are no longer neighbors because we moved South. My only way of knowing you are home safe & sound is your posts! Hope you can stay on the hill, stoke your fire with your pups and enjoy the rain. Thank you for the numerous ways you keep Big Sur “in touch!”

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