Snow Forecast today, Sunday 2/10/19

9:30 am – UPDATE: Snow just started.

Well, here it is folks…this is what the NWS is forecasting for today:

“Latest new snow forecast through Sunday afternoon: ❄️North Bay Mtns, East Bay Hills, & Santa Cruz Mtns: 2-4″ above 1,500 ft; 4+” above 2,000 ft. ❄️Santa Lucias & Southern Gabilan Range: 4-8″ above 2,500 ft; locally 10-12″ above 4,000 ft.


I am willing to bet that the yellow/dark yellow spot on that map is Cone Peak. Any takers?



3 thoughts on “Snow Forecast today, Sunday 2/10/19

  1. Snow Greetings Kate!

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful snow photo’s with us! What a treat!

    I wanted to bring your attention to the White Angel Orb’s of Light in these photo’s! These Orb’s of Light are carrier’s of the Angelic realms, & are captured in our photo’s now. I have studied the Orb’s for years now, as well as photographed them. You can distinguish them from snowflake’s, because the Orb’s are perfectly round, & can have other marking’s. The angel’s are always around us, doing their work of bringing healing to whatever they are near, we just can’t physically see them yet. The dimensions are thinning between our physical 3rd dimension, & the higher dimensions where the Angelic dwell. In my opinion, we will see more & more of these beautiful Angel Orb’s in our photographs. Watch for them in your own photo’s, they are mostly White, & if your fortunate enough, you will see them in different colors, of Blue- Archangel Michael- Protection & Courage, Green- Archangel Raphael- Healing, Purple- Archangel Zadkiel, aka St. Germain- Remover of Negativity, Yellow- Archangel Uriel- Purity, God’s Light, Orange- Archangel Metatron- Wisdom & Enlightenment, & Pink- Archangel Chamuel- Unconditional Love. Blessings, Jan 😇

  2. Howdy Kate! Here are your photo’s with the Angel Orb’s of Light present!  Very fun! Blessing’s,Jan🤗

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