Toppled Porta potty at Rocky Creek

And today, Monday, Presdient’s Day, it was retrieved.


You may have seen this at Rocky Creek. (Originally reported as Bixby, but Ken Wright informed me it was Rocky Creek.) I can’t find the email of the person who reported it to me yesterday, trying to find out who to report it to, but I contacted a number of my resources and Cal Trans has determined who the contractor is who placed the porta potty and they are arranging a date for its removal. Thank you for reporting this to me, and I apologize for not remembering who it was that did so.


11 thoughts on “Toppled Porta potty at Rocky Creek

  1. Ken, since it belongs (or was rented by) a private contractor, for its workers, I am guessing it is exempt from ADA unless he or she had handicapped workers working that area.

  2. Thats a true natural leach- field. Im imaging a desperately full on the verge bus load of modern day explorers, gazing down,joining hands to feet to skirts and shoes..a gang link poop house line down the face experience a once in a lifetime meditative relief from the stresses of travel…🤔

  3. ….or, the state could take some of the tax revenue generated by Hwy 1 and build some freak’in bathrooms.

  4. Mike, State Parks bathrooms are free, so there is Andrew Molera, Pfeiffer Big Sur SP, MAF, and JP Burns…that’s 4 free bathrooms, by my count. I used to drive into JP Burns to use the bathroom all the time. And this one is NOT public, it was rented by a contractor. Do not forward, please

  5. This is inexcusable! Litter of the toxic variety, never mind the eyesore. No Porta potty should have been in a position to fall down that cliff, by any regulatory standard. Obviously more restrooms are needed, but if this was placed by some well meaning do- gooder, then Behold the result. If related to a construction site, it still doesn’t make sense location- wise. I hope you forward the photo to Mary Adams and the Coastal Commission.

  6. I reported it yesterday, it was retrieved today. I sent it to Mary Adams as well as Call Trans and others, trying to find out who was responsible.

  7. Kate, my comments re location related to headline & commentary indicating it was at Bixby, Rocky Creek makes more sense in terms of construction; still inexcusable, negligent really.
    As always, thank you for all the excellent information and reporting!

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