Photo Sunday, 2/24/19

~ by bigsurkate on February 24, 2019.

10 Responses to “Photo Sunday, 2/24/19”

  1. Nice! Your return trip from Hesperia? Intriguing bridge. .


  2. Yes, The bridge is on 15 south/east from Temecula somewhere. It caught my eye on the way there, and I was able to photograph it on the way home. It did not connect a road, so wasn’t sure what it was for. Future? Do not forward, please


  3. Lovely scenes, Kate! Looks like you ran into some snow, too! We’re getting quite a deluge up here. Our creek is flowing over the road in places. Looks like more to come overnight. Good thing we’re well above the creek here.

    Hope you’re home and dry by now.


  4. I am, Gunta. Got home a week ago. Do not forward, please

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  5. Maybe that bridge is just for wildlife to safely cross the freeway. I’ve read about how some bridges and underpasses have been built just for that purpose.


  6. It is called the Lilac Road Bridge…someone told me. It is in Escondido. Google it, Suzi. Has an interesting history. Do not forward, please


  7. Lilac Road Bridge, Escondido: Designed by CalTrans engineer William Wells, built 1976-78. He was inspired by the view in that area, and given encouragement to be creative, artistic, and to use newer earthquake resistant engineering structural techniques. “Crossing Over to the Other Side.”


  8. Yes, I found that out. Beautiful bridge, is it not? Suzi, did you make it home or are you stuck up here, again? Do not forward, please


  9. Kate- As that old song goes: “Stuck in the middle, again….” Last night at GC’s house, home tonight, despite having packed enough food and clothes to stay here for the next 2 nights. Playing musical beds is a bit disorienting….


  10. I can only imagine. Hang in there. Do not forward, please


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