Another Atmospheric River?

For a change, this one doesn’t have Big Sur in its crosshairs, but Santa Cruz will still see significant rain, with Big Sur seeing a bit less, it looks like. However, there is a wind advisory for this area. Flood watches issued for some of the North Bay, especially those areas north of San Francisco in the coastal regions.

And from NOAA NWS… “the coastal ranges down the Big Sur coast could see up to 5 inches with only 0.25″ to 0.50″ around Monterey and Salinas. Again, rainfall totals will vary widely.”



2 thoughts on “Another Atmospheric River?

  1. Hi All,

    Just another big heads up to everyone regarding potential extremely wet stormy March. Fortunately we are getting a slight repreive from the copius amounts of rain that Nor Cal is expected to receive (i.e 12 inches along Lost Coast!) but we are not at all out of this! The reason being im tracking two more storms with possible Atmospheric Rivers and guess what, Big Sur is in its crosshairs! The first one appears to hit late Saturday night thru Sunday this next weekend and another around Wednesday March 7 and could bring impressive rain totals possibly overwhelming river channels and causing further land slides. Nevertheless, the wet pattern has a very good chance to extend into mid and even late March with Madden Julian Oscillation propagating eastward into Indian Ocean and teleconnecting warm moisture rich water vapor into Pacific Asia jet stream. This pattern supports an extension of the sub tropical jet stream and siphons the energy into the strong zonal flow- or region of enhanced low pressure/storm development- thats strongly established in the North Pacific basin at the present. Bottomline batten down the hatches, get supplies stocked and be ready to help a neighbor if they need it!! Got my fingers crossed intrinsic and surface thresholds dont get exceeded to extremely!

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