Tourist Thursday, 5/2/19 – Unhashtag Big Sur!

We need a new campaign – Unhashtag Big Sur! And it wouldn’t be hard to do, nor cost a lot of money. Here is one Vienna is doing:

Enjoy Vienna. Not #Vienna

Unhashtag your vacation!

“Social media allows us to travel the world everyday – without even getting up off the couch. But the places we swipe through are not filled with life or memories – they’re littered with hashtags and diluted by filters.

This is an invitation from Vienna – an ideal place for a little bit of digital detox and for creating moments that you, and you alone, can treasure forever. Because Vienna is far more colorful when not seen through the lens of a smartphone camera.

So whip out your city map, make plans and throw them away again. Simply let your senses guide you. And no worries, you won’t go cold turkey when you give yourself a day offline.”

They have sections to explore on:

1. Six signs you should think about a digital detox

2. Influencers on digital detox

3. Best places for digital detox

4. Vacations for your smart phone

5. See Klimt not #Klimt

6. Inspiration for offline activities

7. Meditation on Tram D

To explore this wonderful campaign further see:


3 thoughts on “Tourist Thursday, 5/2/19 – Unhashtag Big Sur!

  1. apropos…unhashtag whilst in Big Sur makes a mountain and ocean of sense…

  2. I avoid using hashtags for the same reason I avoid certain drugs–one less monkey on my back!

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