The Dangers of Illegal Off roading

This was taken last year, but as the prolific grasses are drying out, I am reminded of this, and how dangerous it is. Besides destroying the environment, causing erosion which washes out the road below (not shown in photo), off roading can cause a wildfire if the grasses catch from your muffler or catalytic converter. Why take a chance? Stay on the roads please.


And now, a growing number of “Subaru Ambassadors” have found these spots (the one below is just up the road from this one above) and more and more Subarus are coming every weekend. A month ago, it was a group of 4 Subarus. This past weekend, it was those four, plus four more, and at least two more want to join the group on the next trip.


May 1, 2019 SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) – The National Interagency Fire Center is predicting a heavy wildfire season for areas along the West Coast of the United States this summer.

The Boise, Idaho-based center said Wednesday that most of the country can expect a normal wildfire season in the period from May through August.

But the states of California, Washington and Oregon are an exception.

The agency says a heavy crop of grasses and fine fuels has developed across California and should elevate fire potential as it dries through the summer.


9 thoughts on “The Dangers of Illegal Off roading

  1. Maybe they should go further north up to Hollister. There is a Park up there for people like this (4WD,AWD,MotorCross,Etc.) Its for City Folk that want to tear up country roads (Trails). Its called Hollister Hills SVRA, its Googlable!

  2. I’m a long-time subaru forester owner/driver and I, among many other subaru owners, do not do that – ever – even tho the vehicle is capable. Also, you could name any number of other vehicles whose owners indulge in this perverse activity. Why pick on subaru owners (in spite of what your posted photo indicates)?

  3. Hi Kate

    Is this all happening on forest service property or is it private??

    Thanks, see you soon, Alan

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  4. Because the Subaru Owners who are engaging in this behavior are proliferating rapidly from 4 to 8 and now, based on instagram comments, will be a dozen next time. Ther are a lot of other vehicles, a]but the only one that comes close is the Toyota Tacoma, and as far as I know, Toyota is not specifically running a Leave No Trac3 Campaighn like Subaru is, so this seems like a good time to make a point of this behavior BEFORE the grass is tinder dry and we have a wildfire. Take the Big Sur pledge

  5. I see your point – and essentially I agree – but still…. Broad brush and all that.

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