Tourist Thursday, 5/30/19 – “Big Little Moments” Campaign

As if we don’t have enough tourists in Big Sur, MCCVB came out with a new “Moments” ad campaign yesterday: (



Just as the ladies of “Big Little Lies,” raved about their hometown in the show, people all over the world are falling head-over-heels for the show’s big star – the gorgeous scenery of Monterey County! The epic backdrops and awe-inspiring picture perfect coastline probably have you day-dreaming about a California getaway.

Located on the stunning central coast of California, Monterey County is brimming with iconic adventures and a coastline that spans the scenic views of Big SurPebble Beach, Pacific Grove, Carmel-by-the-Sea and more. With the bounty of the Salinas Valley, the dunes of Marina State Beach, Santa Lucia Highlands wineries, iconic Pinnacles National Park and award-winning restaurants, Monterey County is the quintessential California destination. It’s no wonder why A-Listers are escaping to this seaside paradise!


10 thoughts on “Tourist Thursday, 5/30/19 – “Big Little Moments” Campaign

  1. What horrible jargon. Who writes this crap? A sixth grader?

    “iconic adventures”, that’s a real departure from “epic adventures”,
    but not by much.
    Does any body care where “A-Listers” escape to?
    Really disgusting.

    Okay, I’m done now.

  2. The more you look at each section, the worse it gets… Filming Locations—Bixby Bridge, “ where visitors can park in the pullouts and take photos of the world famous bridge” etc. Along with specific directions to Garrapata Beach for “ instagrammable photos” The new staircase is mentioned but not the fact that there are no restrooms at either location. They also have a feature called “ U Trip” to plan your filming location visit itinerary. On a related note, those looking on AirBnB will find Big Little Lies Nicole Kidman’s character’s house available for STR, in an area that strictly forbids STR’s! ( I’m deliberately not publishing the address) Since I am a fan of BLL, the book and the series, I share in the excitement of it all; but for a tourism council to promote visits to locations unsuitable for massive influxes of people is totally irresponsible! No bathrooms = public health hazard! Where are the Tourism Board clean up crews?

  3. I feel strongly we should lobby for any funds coming from advertising use of Big Sur or commercial use of Big Sur to be earmarked for use in Big Sur only, not to go into the County general fund other than specified for use in Big Sur. Traffic control, cleanup, fire protection etc.

  4. Do you think there is any way to get the MCCVB directors ( to understand the huge negative impact that their ongoing stated mission has on:
    – the quality of life for the local Big Sur community
    – the natural resources in Big Sur
    – the experience that visitors have

    Is it worthwhile for us to appeal to these individuals directly to change their unsustainable course/policies? Or are they destined to remain focused purely on growth/profits? What is the best way to appeal to their higher selves and/or their desire to have a long-term sustainable solution (i.e. which obviously cannot include never-ending growth). Can we get them to contribute to finding solutions to the already overwhelming volume of traffic/tourists to Big Sur and inadequate infrastructure? Or are some of them already doing that?

    I don’t have the answers. Looking for ideas on how to best influence them, since they appear to be the ones who are driving this problem.

  5. Carl, great concept. If only they could see the long view, when they may have succeeded in destroying that which they exploit for profits now. One look at the Board and you can see that it’s all about the Benjamins. Self- interest, $$$. A dim view, perhaps, but realistic I believe.

  6. I had a “thought” that I think I sent to you via email (Top Secret – didn’t want to give it away .. just in case you could arrange it haha) earlier – hell a long time ago – on “influencing” the powers-that-be regarding lack of pretty blue potties that involved toddlers and teenagers, lots of liquids and NO internet .. Damn I can’t find it! 🙁

  7. I know how much Big Sur residents value their privacy. I don’t use my real name here. One of the contributing factors to the community at large not receiving both State and Federal funding it would otherwise be eligible for is peoples hesitancy to participate in the Census. There a variety of opinions on this, however, it does make a difference in how much, or I should say, how little funding is received as a result. I am a very private person, as is my sister who is a Big Sur resident, I don’t like filling out that form either, but all of us are in need of every penny available to help our communities. We pay enough taxes, fees and everything else. So why should Monterey County get what you have all paid for. They aren’t the ones stuck on Hwy. 1 during film or commercial shoots. They aren’t stopping to pick up the trash, feces and toilet paper in the pullouts. I don’t live there and I’ve been tired of doing it forever whether it’s there, Yosemite, anyplace invaded by. tourists. I was doing this decades ago before “pack it in, pack it out” became a politically correct THING. And yes, the business owners, at least some of them, will get pissed off about this one. There is simply no room on that road for buses, whether they are full of tourists or gigantic RV’s, especially the ones towing a vehicle, or any overly long vehicle of any type. That road cannot accommodate those vehicles. This never used to be the case in years long gone. But welcome to the internet. Now every idiot from everywhere JUST HAS TO get on that road no matter the cost, no matter the damage and destruction.
    It just has to stop. There are reasonable ways for the residents and businesses to live and operate without this disastrous situation continuing to perpetuate itself and grow larger by they day. It’s like an incurable infection or fungus upon the entirety of Big Sur at this point and something must be done before Big Sur is killed off by something akin to the plague. After all, it’s already begun, hasn’t it? Yes, I am angry.

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