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  1. My family and I will be in the area on July 6. Are the parking areas and turnouts predicted to be full at that time? Is there a localized map to help in being able to be more conscientious of blending in with your community standards and not upsetting the beautiful scenery you have, and still be able to enjoy and photograph our moments while there?

  2. Yes, it is expected that the July 4th weekend (and the days before and after) everything will be full – pull outs, restaurants, campgrounds, motels, everything. Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, have always been Peak season, and have be “full” for the last 5-10 years, except when the road is closed or fires are burning. At the top of my blog is a permanent post that has a link to the definitive guide, created by a local to contain anything and everything you need re visiting us.

    https://bigsurkate.blog Take the Big Sur pledge http://www.bigsurpledge.org

  3. I love that request.. the wording. Thank-you! Please try to share that attitude – I imagine you already do.
    If there were more people with that mind set .. wouldn’t life be grand.
    JMH1954 – do read/watch the link above for the VOMP article .. the video at the end – sad but true.

  4. RE: Nightmare at Bixby.
    Well-written, a good shout- out.

    I’ve moved to the “Charge a Toll” camp for visitors.
    Similar to the gates @ Pebble Beach.

    This would lessen the nightmare of excessive traffic.
    It would help provide income for needed improvements.
    It may be the only solution for relief to Big Sur.

    Funds collected should benefit improvements to Big Sur, exclusively.
    Rest room facilities, Fire Brigade equipment, trash cans, maintenance personal & the like.

  5. I think that is where we have to move toward, but along with a permit system putting a cap on the number of visitors. It would require coordination with Nacimiento-Fergusson, but there is already a gate post guard at the junction of FHL and LPNF, so some federal involvement would be needed there.

  6. If a hypothetical southern toll-gate were on Hwy 1- just north of the N-F junction @ Hwy 1- could the federal involvement be obviated/bypassed?

    Was also wondering about a potential Petition, signed by B-S residents, to agree to the toll-gates proposal to reduce tourist traffic (& cap).

    Would that be of any value?
    Could collect signatures at the Grange & other key locations.

    A local attorney could write up the form(s) to be signed. 😉

  7. what about some traffic cams to show the best time to go (HAHAHAHA) or on the other hand .. show them the reality of current conditions, of what their “little Sunday drive down the Coast, enjoying the beautiful scenery and fresh cool ocean breeze that it offers” will really be more like waiting for stores to open on Black Friday .. or maybe a little like those lovely gas lines of the 70’s … Auspuff stinkt

    My vote is still on an up-close-and-personal road trip to “enlighten those in power”, complete with toddlers & teenagers with LOTS AND LOTS of liquids, NO internet and NO EARPHONES (gotcha) …
    Are we there yet?
    I’m hungry.
    Tell him to stop touching me!
    I gotta pee.
    Stop it you two!
    I gotta pee.

    yeah – that might get their attention


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