Tourist Tuesday —Hawaii to increase fines for illegally-parked cars

Highway Solution for numerous trouble spots — Point Lobos, Bixby & McWay

By Ellie Nakamoto-White| July 11, 2019 at 2:12 PM HST – Updated July 11 at 2:12 PM 

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – The growing number of illegally parked vehicles along Kauai’s state highways has prompted an increase in fines for those parked illegally in places along the North Shore.

A bill first introduced by Rep. Nadine Nakamura, and signed into law last week by Gov. David Ige, establishes a new State Highway Enforcement Program, establishing a parking violation surcharge in special ‘no parking’ zones ― in addition to other penalties and fines for parking violations on state highways.

According to Nakamura, the thousands of people drawn to the island’s north shore on a daily basis causes gridlock, safety concerns and numerous complaints.

“This bill is the direct result of Haena and Wainiha residents raising the concern about illegally-parked cars taking over their community and causing health and safety issues,” Rep. Nakamura said. “Adding a $200 surcharge to the existing parking fine of $35 will deter visitors from parking in the newly established ‘no parking’ zone.”

This is just one step officials are taking in hopes of controlling the tourism at Haena State Park.

Other ways are reducing daily visitor counts from 3,000 to 900, having visitors make advance parking and entrance reservations, and accessing the park via the North Shore Shuttle. Copyright 2019 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.

And this is what we need for Bixby. A complete and total ban of any parking anywhere near Bixby. Want to stop and take a selfie? You must take the Big Little Lies shuttle from Rio Road.

4 thoughts on “Tourist Tuesday —Hawaii to increase fines for illegally-parked cars

  1. In 1984, Elmo, five year old Nathanael and I had a camper van on beautiful Haena Beach for a week, and we were the only people there.
    If we charged illegally parked cars in Monterey county, maybe it could pay for locals to subcontract the job.

  2. You would have to ban parking at Hurricane Point too because everyone would end up there for a picture of the bridge and Rocky Creek Bridge problems would get even worse. No parking from Palo to just south of Hurricane Point. I like this concept for a solution. Can’t think of a better one that could be implemented quickly.

  3. there’s an irony about proposing another law/rule right after the article about illegal campfires. the people who give not one tiny damn about their impacts will not be swayed by a posted sign and will continue about their foolish, selfish behavior.

    yes, traffic flow has vastly improved at JP Burns, amen, but that was mostly a redesign, not signage or rules.

    when engaged and presented with the facts ( read hazards ) of their inept handling of parking etc most people respond with a ‘what’s your problem?’ attitude, or even ‘oh, we’ll only be a few minutes’

    anyway, nice idea I just don’t see it as a solution unless there’s enforcement, which as was pointed out regards illegal fires is sorely lacking.

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