Mill Fire, Day 2, 7/31/19

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Fire Update

U.S. Forest Service

Pacific Southwest Region

Los Padres National Forest
6750 Navigator Way
Goleta, CA 93117


July 31, 2019


Date Started:​July 30, 2019​Cause: Under Investigation​Total Acres:​280​Containment:10%

Injuries to Date:   1​​Structures Damaged/Destroyed:​0​​Total Personnel:482

Assigned Resources:

Crews: 14​​Engines: 30​​Helicopters:5Air Tankers: 4

Evacuations: 0


The Mill Fire started July 30, 2019, at 5:36 AM near Lyons Creek along Nacimiento-Fergusson Road above California State Highway 1 on the Monterey Ranger District of Los Padres National Forest. The fire is currently estimated to have burned 280 acres east of State Highway 1 and west of Cone Peak Road and is 10 percent contained. The fire is burning in tall, dry grass beds and becoming established in heavy fuels. There is no present threat to communities, structures or the public.

A full response including engines, hand crews and air support is actively suppressing the fire. Crews workedthroughout the night in steep, rugged terrain constructing containment lines. The east and west flanks of the fire have stabilized but the head of the fire continues to burn to the northeast.

Hand crews will continue suppression work today in tandem with air support to prevent the fire from burning further into the Ventana Wilderness. Where direct action is safe and will prove successful, crews will be using direct fireline suppression activities. In other areas, aircraft will be used to hold the fire in check. In some areas of the Mill Fire it is unsafe for firefighters to take direct action. 

Road/Trail Closures:

Nacimiento-Fergusson Road between Highway 1 and Fort Hunter Liggett; Cone Peak Road; South Coast Ridge Road between Chalk Peak and Nacimiento-Fergusson Road; Vicente Flat and Mill Creek Trails

For additional Fire Information call Monterey Ranger District (831) 385-5434


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3 pm — It is very quiet this afternoon. There had been a lot of aircraft flying when I laid down for a nap, but quiet, now. No visible smoke. I think we turned the corner on this.

As of 11:38 am LPNF posted this: “#MillFire has burned approximately 300 acres. Overnight it chewed through the retardant line. More than 300 firefighters on scene. @LosPadresNF will be ordering a team to assist with suppression.”

Also, there is finally an inciweb post on this fire, which they hope to have contained by tomorrow 11 pm. This is what it says: “The Mill Fire was reported at 5:36 a.m. on July 30, 2019 on Mill Creek, north west of the Ventana Wilderness off of Nacimiento Ferguson Road. As of this morning, 280 acres have burned with 10% containment. The fire is burning in chaparral, timber and tall grass. It is burning in steep and rugged terrain. Currently, there is no threat to communities, structures or to the public. Access into the area via roads and trails has been closed off.

There are currently 482 resources assigned to the fire, including:

Crews – 14
Engines – 30
Type 1 Helicopters – 3
Type 2 Helicopters – 2
Tankers – various 
Lead planes – 2
Air Attack – 7”

11:28 am —

11:28, 7/31/19

Current photo (10:55 am)

10:55 am, 7/31/19

9:15: There she goes!

9:15 am
8:55 am, Mill Fire, 7/31/19

8:45 am — fire is kicking up. Cone Peak Rd. is threatened. Here is what it looks like now. BTW, got the time changed on my DSLR so it is now accurate to a minute or two.

Mill Fire 7/31/19 at 8:45 am

8:30 am — This morning is starting out quiet, but no photos, yet. One big concern today is that the fire is pushing up against Cone Peak Rd. today, so that will be the area to watch. I may take a trip out to Prewitt later today, depending on what I see and hear. Gathering intel now.

12 thoughts on “Mill Fire, Day 2, 7/31/19

  1. Any word as to which way the fire is spreading? Containment? Perimeter? The fire map makes it look it is heading NNE…

  2. From my vantage it is headed more east than north, so I would call it ENE or simply NE. No word on size up or containment, as they haven’t created a inciweb page for it and the USFS is notoriously tight-lipped.

  3. From comments I assume the fire is on the north side of N-F Road, is that correct?

  4. Thank you for keeping us updated.

    I hope that the crews nip this in the bud.

    I wonder if there is any way of changing the tourist culture away from the apparent necessity of having a campfire, regardless of the conditions.

  5. Maybe Between the FS & the Ventana Alliance we could get them to Pay some pay some folks to monitor NF, Plaskett Creek & Willow Creek in the Summer time to make sure NO Camp Fires are Burning!! I’ll Sign UP!!

  6. Thanks for the posts/pics. My husband is on one of the engines over there. He’s on the overnight shift. Hope they can take care of it quickly.

  7. Katie, inciweb is projecting it will be taken care of by 11 pm Thursday night, but I am sure that depends on what happens tonight. You will be glad to know that now, at 10:15 pm, there is little wind, it is much cooler than last night, and the biggest concern seems to be roll outs. When your husband returns, please tell him thank you from the entire South Coast of Big Sur community.

  8. Oh thank you for the information. I wasonly able to speak to him for 2 minutes as he called from a payphone before he went out again. He’s with USFS Engine 319 LPNF.

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