Sustainable Destination Stewardship Plan for Big Sur

Big Sur Sustainable Destination Stewardship Plan Update
And A Request for Input

Dear Big Sur Community Members,

Many thanks to all the community members who participated in meeting with Costas Christ of Beyond Green Travel during his visit in August.  CABS has now entered into a contract with Beyond Green Travel to move forward on a Destination Stewardship Plan for Big Sur. To learn more about this process, go to the “Initiatives” page on our website.

An important component of this work is collecting data on traffic.  CABS is coordinating with traffic engineers, Cal Trans and TAMC to consolidate existing data sets and reports on traffic volume as a preliminary step to establish where we are going in terms of gathering data for overall vehicle impact on the Highway. 

Residents from up and down the coast have expressed that capturing traffic counts in real time, 24-7, 365 days a year for multiple years is an important place to start. Three locations stand out as initial gathering locations: Mal Paso Creek Bridge, Nacimiento Rd and Highway 1 intersection and the southern county line. 

We believe that the residents who travel the highway on a regular basis may have insights that could inform the scope of this study. You can help us with the following question. Aside from these 3 locations, above, where else along the Highway or side roads would data on traffic volume be of value?

Please email your input on this question to


5 thoughts on “Sustainable Destination Stewardship Plan for Big Sur

  1. A daily count of cars using the over,.look parking at Bixby as well as , daily car counts for those who turn off at OCR at Bixby vs. how many actually go a mile or further down the road. Getting this dataset would tell us the draw Bixby has over the rest of the area.

  2. Good idea.
    Bixby is one of the primary destinations of the camera wielders.
    Of course, they have to go past Mal Paso or Nacimiento to get there.
    It would be interesting to get that specific count, though.

  3. Need to stop talking about sustainable and start talking about restoration, sustainable normalizes the human behavior, restoration dictates, earth first, love it or leave it.

    “Shout, shout, let it all out, these are the things I can do without.”

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