Sustainable Tourism In Big Sur?

I have continually requested that in these types of communications when we list balancing the interests of … or listing our priorities, that we put the environment first, not last, as without the environment, the residents, the businesses, the tourists would not be here, and yet, it continues to be listed last. (See *bolded portion below in 3d ¶) Get our priorities straight, and eventually, people will listen. That is my first suggestion.

Despite this misapplication of priorities, I applaud the efforts of BGT, CABS, CHP, MoCo, USFS, State Parks, and all of us who are involved enough to make a difference. Please, let your voice be heard.

Beyond Green Travel Announces that a Community Big Sur Destination Stewardship Plan Comment Portal is Open     

In order to capture as much stakeholder input as possible, BGT has created an online website to capture written comments and suggestions pertaining to the creation of a sustainable tourism plan for Big Sur.  Please visit
Your suggestions, observations and recommendations are welcome and integral to developing a plan that *balances the interests of the visiting public with businesses, residents, commuting workers and the environment. Please take this opportunity to express constructive, solution based comments HERE:
In the coming weeks, the local DSP steering committee will be announced.  Additionally, surveys are being developed to solicit specific feedback from diverse stakeholders.  We will provide updates on both the steering committee and the survey process in the next 30 days.
On behalf of BGT,

Download a copy of the above notice HERE. (PDF, 1 Page, 132 KB)