Easter, 2012 revisited

Happy Easter! May we be able to celebrate with friends again next year. Also, note the meditation below:

Many of us in the Big Sur community are asking you to join on Sunday at 3PM. Will you?

“We invite you to join the Big Sur community in silent meditation to send out prayers of health, healing, and transformation across the planet, and keeping our Beloved Big Sur safe and pristine. As we can enhance our own well being, spiritually, psychologically, and physically through meditation, doing this together can create a synergistic effect for healing in our community and the world.

In whatever way is meaningful to you, send energies of love, healing, health, compassion, unity, joy, acceptance and any other creative inspirations outward and connect with the other prayers abounding.

We have the power to love as a way of life, and to unite as a community at this time of crisis, and let’s use that power now, for renewal, together.

At 3 PM on this Sunday, April 12, and every Sunday at 3 PM until this crisis passes, let’s join together in this healing meditation. Be well and God Bless.”

And so mote it be…

5 thoughts on “Easter, 2012 revisited

  1. Ahh, okay, thanks- friends.
    They never seem to stay near-by long enough.

  2. A lovely idea, Kate, for meditation until this passes — and perhaps beyond. Stay safe and well. Happy Easter from San Diego, where we had a record five inches of rain this past week and it seemed that it would continue forever.

  3. Much love and respect to all my Big Sur friends and neighbors. Stay safe and healthy!!!

  4. A bit late getting here today, but will put it on the calendar for next Sunday. Like it. ✌️
    Do stay safe and healthy…

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