2 thoughts on “California Reopening Plan — 4 stages

  1. Just Love Typoos. Got so excited to read that Planes would be reopened and I could maybe fly to see grandson. :)))
    Sorry Kate, could not resist humour.

  2. It is important to note that this virus is not going away, this 4 part plan is ONLY to allow hospitals and care workers to manage patient capacity, people will still be contacting the virus, getting sick, recovering or dying, it is also important to note that the state governor will not shield businesses from liability, additionally the county health officer will determine capacity and operations of short term lodging, failure to comply with the order is a crime, punishable by fine, imprisonment or both and a civil penalty of $1000 per violation per day.

    “Presumption is the opposite of Prevention” ― Bhavik Sarkhedi


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