Los Padres National Forest-Monterey District Closure update


From the USFS, LPNF PIO: The new closure order will be posted on our public web site….It will take effect Saturday, May 16, and expire June 1. Here’s a rundown on what IS open:

All of the trails closed under the first order will remain closed except for Turner Creek and Sand Dollar/Jade Cove. Roads closed by the first order that will reopen are Sycamore Canyon, Nac-Ferg, Piney Creek, Tassajara, Milpitas, Central Coast/Cone Peak, Baldwin Ranch.

Developed campgrounds will remain closed until June 1.The group campground at Arroyo Seco will reopen June 19. We are permitting Parks Management Company to reopen the day use sites along Hwy. 1 provided they have adequate staffing and measures in place to safely deliver services to the public. The intent with the day use sites is to provide recreation opportunities for nearby residents along the coast. By opening roads on the east side of the district, we are encouraging backcountry access from the inland trails.

3 thoughts on “Los Padres National Forest-Monterey District Closure update

  1. So pfeiffer beach will reopen but minus bathrooms and trash collection? That seems really unwise, especially with an upcoming holiday weekend and the unlikelihood that PB will be visited only by “nearby residents.”

  2. Reopening all of this with no USFS presence or oversight is irresponsible. USFS has no law enforcement officer or patrol personnel
    Milpitas Rd coming to The Indians (aka Memorial Park Campground) has been a trash strewn, uncontrolled party area lately. Four cabins were broken into last week and two sheriff deputies were out here again at2:30 am Tues morn for wild behavior at the campground
    All of this with both the road and campground closed
    The lock on the gate just past the campground gets cut off as soon as it is replaced
    Once again, highly irresponsible to open all of this up with no oversight
    Someone has to drive out a couple of miles to report crimes and it takes the sheriff over an hour (at least) to get out here

  3. Also, the Guard Station (aka Ranger Residence) at The Indians was broken into last week and no one from the USFS has been out to inspect it since then

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