6 thoughts on “USFS Closes Day use Beach Access

  1. Kate, has all the last minute one by one destination closures effected regional lodging occupancy rates?

  2. Hundreds of cars with multiple occupants had already arrived on the Big Sur Coast during the week. There is no internet or cell service in Big Sur. Those visitors will go to the beaches no matter what LPNF has just announced. They were too late in their announcement, and there is no way to disperse the crowds now.

  3. I’m glad for this. Traffic will be very heavy and the less there is for people to stop for, the less chance of infected people spreading the virus.
    I haven’t heard if restaurants are closing in light of recent Covid cases at certain destinations in Big Sur. Do you, or anyone have any insights in that matter? I would think it would be a good choice to do so, for a few days at least.

  4. Again the self entitlement comes to the Big Sur. Maybe if the brain had an app people would use it more. Stay safe everyone.

  5. I agree with Suzi. Even the state beaches show as open on Sac Bee online as of 7-3 6pm. The state parks web page is also confusing/awkward wording, with a last minute edit and abbreviations confusing parking vs state parks and beaches. SP means state park or maybe state park parking?

    Here is the best and only solution I have found for the covvid-19 pandemic. It is called contract tracing!
    Skip the the bottom for the link …..

    The problem seems to be that we can not open up until we have good local random testing, local symptomatic testing and good quick data collection. These are just beyond our current local, state and federal gov capabilities. It basically requires a good national health care system with pandemic tools.
    The real solution seems to contract tracing! This has already been proven by many countries that have the lowest death rates for covid-19 proportional to their populations.

    We are caught in a loop closing and opening based on bureaucratic delays over 3 weeks long in case number monitoring to an exponentially growing pandemic. On top of this we have another 2 weeks for covid-19 death rates. Then poor monitoring of total tests given, or what portion, if any are random tests. I have not even found a way to monitor total death rates for Monterey county.

    This contact tracing solution has been available for about 3 weeks now, and already implemented by the state of Utah. Both Google and Apple have responded in record time to do something very unusual in privacy protections. They have altered the latest Android and iOS code to allow what I call “relative location services using blue tooth beacons”. This is huge to remove GPS and tower triangulation data from location services for the purposes of “contact tracing logs”.
    This also means that this form of contact tracing would work in a place like Big Sur with few cell towers.
    Here is the link for both types of phones (Android and Iphones) but you need the latest OS. (iOS 13+)


    The intent of Google and Apple is to use local apps designed by our gov health dept or state. Not sure if that will ever happen, but use of Safetrace is a big start and already dominating that app space. Check it out and start to help save lives! This is an amazing opportunity for a non-authoritarian country form contact tracing to survive SARS-COV-2.

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