Missing dog

This was sent to me tonight and I was asked to post and share. Please keep an eye out for this little gal.

Dog & vehicle stolen in San Luis Obispo. Vehicle was recovered in Marina, CA & suspect was arrested. DOG IS STILL MISSING! Suspect is not cooperating with police. Dog may be anywhere from SLO to Marina, CA. Please contact Katrina Conley 805-358-9770 if found. Dog’s name is Kaia and is not wearing a collar.
Photo attached. UPDATE: Kaia was spotted in Monterey/Seaside area around Fremont and Casa Verde. Please keep an eye on if in this area.

2 thoughts on “Missing dog

  1. Someone needs to be pulling teeth and taking fingers to make him talk!! Poor little doggie. So cruel. The car can be replaced but the dog is a living, breathing, loving thing. These kinds of stories are a perfect example of why I should never be a police officer. I would have to put you on 24 hour retainer Kate, to bail me out of all the trouble I would get in. I hope they find him.

  2. The local animal shelters need be checked daily. Maybe she could email a picture of her dog. Hope she’s found soon. The weather lately has been hard on the critters. Charlotte

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