New Fire — Coleman Fire

And tonight we are lucky to find John Chesnut up and running already with one of his super-duper maps of the fire area:

4:00 pm update: From Airtac “150 to 200 acres, too much smoke to work the head right now” Additional from Airtac “ Lots of potential for the head to run”

10/18/2020 12:24LPF-3161
P5EK1Y21 (0507)
COLEMANWildfireDel Venturi Rd East Of AV Ranch.BC11LPF E18LPF E315LPF4X4 E319LPF PAT37LPF Q SchollSUPT1 Cook Effective 12:58.15

40 acres, dangerous rate of spread, potential for 200 acres, Coleman/ Bear cyn. Just off Dolan Fire north end dozer line. (This is a LPF/FHL Fire.)

Airtac up the order to 5 tankers, 2 type 2 copters, 1 type 1 copter.
Evacuations for Coleman and Pine Canyons.