New Fire — Coleman Fire

And tonight we are lucky to find John Chesnut up and running already with one of his super-duper maps of the fire area:

4:00 pm update: From Airtac “150 to 200 acres, too much smoke to work the head right now” Additional from Airtac “ Lots of potential for the head to run”

10/18/2020 12:24LPF-3161
P5EK1Y21 (0507)
COLEMANWildfireDel Venturi Rd East Of AV Ranch.BC11LPF E18LPF E315LPF4X4 E319LPF PAT37LPF Q SchollSUPT1 Cook Effective 12:58.15

40 acres, dangerous rate of spread, potential for 200 acres, Coleman/ Bear cyn. Just off Dolan Fire north end dozer line. (This is a LPF/FHL Fire.)

Airtac up the order to 5 tankers, 2 type 2 copters, 1 type 1 copter.
Evacuations for Coleman and Pine Canyons.

8 thoughts on “New Fire — Coleman Fire

  1. Do you have an update on this, Kate. I didn’t see anything when I just searched the internet. Maybe, that is good news? (As in, fire is now out?)

  2. Is pine canyon going to be evacuated? We are on Jolon and have been watching this since it started. I can help evac livestock if need be. Just will need a place to take them.

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