Coleman Fire 10/19

There is little info yet this am. This fire has not made inciweb (not unusual). There is a lot of smoke out over the ocean, however, so I will continue to see what I can find out. As of 8 am — The Dolan fire IMT taking command of the Coleman fire. At 0700, at briefing Coleman was active most of the night 400 to 500 acres.

Here is this am’s John Chesnut map.

3 thoughts on “Coleman Fire 10/19

  1. If not for you, Kate, there would be no way to know what is going on. You read this all the time, but it bears repetition. Thank-you! And . . . good morning.

  2. Dear Kate,

    As always, thank you so much for monitoring these fires. Those of us in Santa Cruz County aren’t savvy as to where the Coleman Fire is exactly. Is it on Hunter Liggett property? Close to Lake San Antonio, or? Again, thank you.

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