Dolan Post-Fire BAER

Unit Information

Los Padres National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
6750 Navigator Way
Goleta, CA 93117

Incident Contact

BAER Information
Phone: 707-853-4243
Hours: 7am-7pm

Notification: Property Post-Fire Watershed Risk Assessments

The soils in a burn scar are highly erodible so flood waters can contain significant amounts of mud, boulders, and vegetation. The powerful force of rushing water, soil, and rock, both within the burned area and downstream, can destroy culverts, bridges, roadways, and structures, and can cause injury or death if care is not taken. Landowners who have experienced severe property damage due to natural disasters may be eligible for assistance to mitigate this risk. 

Property owners impacted by the Carmel, Dolan, and River Fires are eligible for a free assessment of post-fire debris and watershed risks on their property. The assessment is conducted by the Natural Resources Conservation Service through the Emergency Watershed Protection Program. To schedule an appointment, contact Desi Ramirez at (530) 902-2913.

More information about debris flow and watershed risk can be found here:

Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Report – Dolan Fire

BAER stands for Burned Area Emergency Response. Wildfires can cause complex problems, from severe loss of vegetation and soil erosion, to a decrease in water quality and possible flash flooding. The Burned Area Emergency

Response Program addresses post-fire emergency stabilization of these and other post wildfire problems, in order to protect public safety and prevent further degradation of the landscape and to mitigate post-fire damages to cultural resources.

A BAER Report is currently in progress for the Dolan Fire.  Coming Soon.  The report should be available at the link above when released.

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