In yesterday’s FB Community Meeting, FDNY warned that with the hot, windy weather predicted for yesterday and today, we might see pockets burning within the perimeter. They indicated they would be monitoring it closely.

Today, we have such a pocket. Appears to be Mill Creek or Hare drainage, but informed there is lots of activity at Limekiln, so easily could be there. That darn pine is coming down this winter. Too close to house, and always in the way of my photos.

3 thoughts on “Smoke

  1. Thanks for the “confirmation” of what my lungs started screaming at me this morning!

  2. At 8 am today in Cambria, the hazy light from the sun cast an orange/pink glow on our patio and white walls. Smoke is back in town. Could see the haze on the drive north on Hwy 1. Surprised that I haven’t gotten an air quality alert yet. All I’ve seen is heat alerts. Weather bug says air quality is “moderate” for Big Sur, Cambria and SLO.

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