Climate Change & Wildfires

I stumbled across an article in the Las Vegas Sun this morning, and thought it would be worth sharing.

“Every morning, wildland firefighters gather around radios to listen to the weather forecast. This summer, I was part of the team that fought a fire near Big Sur. When I heard the staticky voice announce that temperatures would exceed 105 degrees, the forecast sounded like a death sentence.

Across California, unprecedented heat has made wildfires more difficult to predict and control. During the heat wave in Big Sur, the fire, which had been 40% contained at 30,000 acres, tripled in size in a matter of days. It has now burned nearly 125,000 acres.”

The young man who wrote the above, and the rest of the article is a doctoral student at University of California, Santa Barbara. He is also a firefighter who was here on the Dolan Fire.

Here is where you can read the rest of this article:

2 thoughts on “Climate Change & Wildfires

  1. Great article. Now if we could get the world to pay attention! I feel way too many people are involved in money and not the earth. Money will do them no good if there is no earth~

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