Copperhead Fire

Copperhead Canyon is down between Lockwood and Bradley, on the southern most part of MoCo. A new wildfire broke out there this afternoon. Copperhead Canyon is 7 miles from Lockwood and 12 miles from Bradley. Here is what WildCAD published:

10/26/2020 12:55LPF-3241COPPERHEADWildfire75426 Copperhead Canyon RD.CRW1LPF DIV1LPF E18LPF E319LPF...35 50.052, -121 2.88024S R8E Sec 24.

2 thoughts on “Copperhead Fire

  1. If you see or smell smoke just ask Kate. MCOES wasn’t aware of this fire yesterday afternoon. We were inundated in smoke yesterday at the 32 mile marker on CArmel Valley Rd. When all else failed we reached out to Kate. We got a response which eased our minds. ONCE AGAIN, thank you Kate.

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