High Winds

10:20 update: From CZU on Twitter…We have 2 new fires in Santa Cruz County. One is off Freedom Boulevard in Watsonville and one is in the Boulder Creek area off of Highway 9. Evacuations are being initiated.

10 am UPDATE — Advisory: Event extended (both time and area). Wind Advisory from 1/19/2021 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST for Monterey County, CA

Monterey County...
Old Coast Tower              71 MPH    0120 AM 01/19   36.32N/121.87W/1207
Calfire Portable 43          66 MPH    0115 AM 01/19   36.29N/121.85W/490
17.0 S Carmel Valley Vill (P 62 MPH    0310 AM 01/19   36.25N/121.79W/904
Crocker Ridge                53 MPH    0300 AM 01/19   36.06N/121.27W/2451
Moss Landing                 51 MPH    1251 AM 01/19   36.79N/121.79W/26
7.0 E Carmel Valley Vill (PG 51 MPH    0120 AM 01/19   36.53N/121.61W/3452
16.9 NW Lake Nacimiento (PGE 51 MPH    0310 AM 01/19   35.95N/121.00W/2790
Old Stage Road               51 MPH    0100 AM 01/19   36.67N/121.53W/1306
Corral De Cielo Road         49 MPH    0110 AM 01/19   36.53N/121.62W/3385

Quite a bit of haze, but I have been told it is dust and ash from the summer’s fires kicking up, not new ones. In Santa Cruz, downed power lines have caused a minimum of 4 fires, most put out by locals. Highway 9 is closed due to downed power lines, and I am told there is no power in Big Sur Valley. Welcome to Tuesday. In 24 and 1/2 hours we will have a new president.

3 thoughts on “High Winds

  1. I’m counting the hours. Wind Dragons! I wrote a song about it while at the Edge of the Wild, to keep being freaked out at bay.

  2. Kate,
    Thanks for the update. Much better report than was on the news. It blowing very hard here in Prunedale we are in a very high fire danger area also. Hope it subsides soon.

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