Upcoming Weather, 1/21/21

This evening from Dave Hovde of SLO: “Update on short-term forecast: The Friday into Saturday system looks to arrive Friday morning, peak in the afternoon but linger a bit into Saturday morning.  I had said less than .25" but looks like up to .50" is possible based on recent modeling.”

From NOAA Forecast discussion: 
Today will be the last of the mild and dry days before a significant shift towards a progressive (and wet) weather pattern takes hold over at least the next 7 to 10 days across the Bay Area and Central Coast. At least 3 to 4 wet systems will move over or near the region through this time frame-- with the system arriving midweek next week looking to be the most significant. One weather forecaster described it as a “conga line of storms,” a term that has become more prevalent in the last decade or two. 

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Weather, 1/21/21

  1. So ready for the rain that will quell the fires and water God’s Earth. It is time!

  2. Oh please please please let it rain! I am in Los Osos and hope it finally extends to us.

  3. Love the “conga line” reference to the storm line up. We’ll all be dancing the conga in celebration of the much needed rain.

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