Mill Creek Day use area — 1/27/21

NOTE: I am still updating and adding information to the general storm report today, the post after this one.

More photos of Mill Creek sent to me by Ge but unknown who took them

All these photos were take by Adalaine Long and Susan Cappell Gutberlet of Plaskett Creek Campgrounds.

Directly below the Mill Creek Bridge on Highway One

Per Susan on above photos: “Up creek I can see Mill Creek Ranch Road. Cleared the creek all the way up to Gi’s place.

The one with the mysterious ladder is facing Southbound HWY 1.

One photo shows the stairways from the parking lot to the lower level picnic area now stairs to nowhere. Tables and BBQ grills are gone…washed into the sea.

All that is left is literally the parking area.”

Ge sent me this one, it was taken by Wade of Cal Trans. He contacted me this morning saying he and his family left yesterday afternoon and asked to me to let people know they were okay.

10 thoughts on “Mill Creek Day use area — 1/27/21

  1. is that last shot with gate and mailbox the entrance to Mill Creek Ranch where Jeff and Duncan used to live?

  2. Oh, good. Lots of fresh redwood driftwood coming down our way (north coast, SLO county).
    Batten down the hatches up there! 6 in of rain @ SLOwater gauge @ Sta Rosa Crk, ~2pm 1/27/21

  3. That is so sad. I showed Larry. That gate is where I used to live. No doubt the entire place is gone. Happy to hear no one was hurt but still hard to see. Mill Creek was such a magical spot where I lived and later Duncan and Jeff.

  4. These are very sad photos. I hope your doggies can sleep tonight, Kate. You too. Blessings be with you.

  5. Kate,
    Thanks for the pictures and the update. We are having issues from the River Fire also, flooding and mud slides. Just got an update from County extending the flood warning until 7:15 this evening. Have had almost 3 inches of rain in Prunedale since last night. Hope you have a more peaceful night.

  6. I want to reach out to Ge and offer him and the family a place to stay at my place on the AV ranch. I lost his contact info. I’ve been surfing with him on the coast since they moved here. Alex Cole 805-680-2260

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