Storm Report, 1/28/21

Nacimiento-Fergusson road and Del Venturi on FHL


Josh Wilson cleaning off Sycamore Canyon, photo by Marcus Foster

Report from the Indians:

We’ve had 17.4” since Tuesday eve

Here is pic of Milpitas Rd at Sycamore Creek just past road 5

Cheers, Jon Libby 


Just 3 miles north of Rat Creek at MM 33 this is happening. First shot is yesterday before Cal Trans came through. The others are today.


Rat Creek not looking good. Photos by Dave Nelson. That is Highway One it is flowing over.


Carmel Lagoon. Photos by Rob B


This is Cambria, which is a mess. Windsor Rd is flooded, the bridge is flooded, Burton, Ardath, Lodge Hill, many areas flooded or roads flooded. Below is Main St. And that looks like the Main St. Grill across the street. Someone correct me if I am wrong.


This is the crossing at Sycamore Flats, photos by Peter Garin


Cal Trans will have lane closures next week on Highway 1. Here is the notice:



MONTEREY COUNTY – Highway 1 in Carmel and Monterey will be subject to lane closures Tuesday through Thursday next week as Caltrans crews conduct maintenance work necessary to protect motorists over winter driving months.

Tuesday Feb. 2

Southbound Highway 1 in Carmel, the #2 (right) lane between Carmel Valley Rd. and Third Avenue, will be closed from 8:30 am and 2:30 pm for crews to conduct storm drainage cleaning.

Wednesday Feb. 3

Northbound Highway 1 in Monterey, the #2 (right) lane between Third Ave. and the Holman Hwy. offramp, will be closed from 8:30 am and 2:30 pm for storm drainage cleaning.

Thursday Feb. 4

Highway 1 in the Carmel Highlands at Highland Dr. will be subject to one-way traffic control in both directions from 8:30 amand 2:30 pm for crews to remove dead trees.

Motorists can expect delays of up to five minutes. CHP will be on hand to assist with traffic control. Message and directional signs will be in place to assist motorists traveling in the area.


6 am — I breathed a deep sign of relief when the wind stopped suddenly at 9:30 pm last night. Allowed a solid 7 hours of sleep, thankfully.

Still gathering data, but there is a hard closure on the 101 NB at Camphora Gloria due to flooding. There are houses being flooded at the Carmel River lagoon, Flood Warnings issued until 10 pm tonight for burn areas and other parts of the county,. And Chalk Peak is sitting at 8,23” for this last 24 hours.

Here are some photos of Highway 1 taken by Cal Trans yesterday. What a gooey mess.

More information throughout the day as I get it. Stay safe everyone.

4 thoughts on “Storm Report, 1/28/21

  1. Big Sur Station has received 7.2 inches of rain since 4 p.m. yesterday and 11.65″ since Tuesday afternoon.

  2. S.F. Bay Area, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, Chualar, Salinas are all covered by youtube video reports.
    For Big Sur… well, you’ve got to come here! (Good work, Kate.)
    What a mess.

  3. That photo that you thought was the Cambria library is Main Street Grill, same side of Main Street as the Shell Station. The hill behind Shell flooded Kent Street behind Shell, and drained onto Main Street between Shell and the Grill.

    We drove down there at 9am today and those puddles in your photo were gone. The pump system across from Shell is doing it’s job, but the drainage ditch between Main St and Hwy 1 is at the top of its banks, with some spill over edging into parking lots behind the buildings between the south side of Main and Hwy 1.

    The Windsor Street bridge was technically still passable but the water raging below was within 4-6 feet of the bottom. A worker is sitting in a large truck that’s parked at the north entrance to the bridge, blocking all traffic while monitoring the flow of debris passing under the bridge.

    When we drove south across the bridge yesterday to Shamel Park, the south bound lane of Windsor was flooded, forcing us to drive in the other lane.

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