Photo Sunday, 2/7/21

On Friday, I got a first hand look at what Nacimiento-Fergusson looks like and got to meet a supervisor for the San Ardo crew. This road crew, the FHL road crew, and my neighbors are who and what I am most grateful for this week. The MoCo road crew worked all last weekend, and they continue to work through the end of this week, to get and keep one lane open for residents who were all but trapped, or who had to drive five hours to get around the slip-out at Rat Creek to get from home to work. The FHL road crew made South Coast Ridge Rd passable for those of us in the back country. Our elected representatives, particularly Mary Adams’s office, Jimmy Panetta’s office, and state reps. Laird and Rivas’s offices as well as our local MRD of the FHL all worked together to make this happen. It is not over, and any future rain may well undo this work, but for now, we are able to get where we need to go. Thank you all. And to the Big Sur Big Share — thank you for the share and for making us not feel so isolated from our neighbors on the other side!

Nacimiento is ONLY open to residents, and has locked gates at both the Highway One side and the FHL side. It is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. The debris flows were devastating, as you will only get a glimpse into with the photos I took. I have several dozen more photos, but you get the idea.

There is a road under there…
Chalk Peak
Dolan Fire Devastation

I will leave you with this poignant photo of the flag again flying as a reminder that we all owe so much to the men and women fire fighters and first responders who sacrifice so much to protect us and aid us. This is the Nacimiento Station which was burned out in the Dolan Fire and trapped 14 firefighters, one of whom is still recovering. We send our well wishes and love, Casey.