Eight years ago today …

Well, I had quite the surprise this morning. 

My routine is that when the sun comes over the hill, I get up, let the dogs out, and pee … In that order. On nice mornings, like this am, I leave the door open so any of the dogs that want to come back in, can.

After I pee, I get back in bed. Sometimes I go back to sleep, but mostly, I don’t. This morning, I heard a dog next to my bed, looked down to see which one it was, and was surprised to see a new face greeting me. Surprise, surprise …

This is the face that greeted me this morning:


“Oh, my. Who are you, Missy?” I didn’t even know whether she was a Missy or a Mister, but that is the first thing that popped out of my mouth when I turned over and saw her at my bedside.

She is very skinny and covered with tics. She is very sweet, comes up to me, whether I am standing or sitting, and immediately sits. I fed her two cups of dry food, which she scarfed. She would have eaten the whole bag, but I don’t want her barfing, so I’ll give her another two cups later this afternoon. We are working on the tics.

She is a border collie. She has a collar, but no tags.She does not bark, and seems to come from a one dog household, as she snarls whenever one of my dogs gets near her. She has very long legs, but probably only weighs 20-25 lbs – not sure as I haven’t tried to pick her up. .

If anyone recognizes this dog, please call me at 831-818-8026. I am sure there is a heartbroken owner somewhere. She immediately took to me – or just so grateful for a place and food out of the wild. Pass the word. I will post this to FB, also, so it can be easily shared. Much as I am taken with this dog, and would easily add her to my pack, I am happy to reunite her with her owner.


After a few weeks with her, I came to think she was purposefully abandoned here in the back country based on her aversion to getting out of the car anywhere but at home. She didn’t make a sound for about six months. She survived out in the wild for a couple of weeks alone, per the vet. Eight years later I cannot imagine my life without this fur baby. She is no longer skinny, in fact, she is a little chunky, her tail wags constantly, and she stole my heart.