Eight years ago today …

Well, I had quite the surprise this morning. 

My routine is that when the sun comes over the hill, I get up, let the dogs out, and pee … In that order. On nice mornings, like this am, I leave the door open so any of the dogs that want to come back in, can.

After I pee, I get back in bed. Sometimes I go back to sleep, but mostly, I don’t. This morning, I heard a dog next to my bed, looked down to see which one it was, and was surprised to see a new face greeting me. Surprise, surprise …

This is the face that greeted me this morning:


“Oh, my. Who are you, Missy?” I didn’t even know whether she was a Missy or a Mister, but that is the first thing that popped out of my mouth when I turned over and saw her at my bedside.

She is very skinny and covered with tics. She is very sweet, comes up to me, whether I am standing or sitting, and immediately sits. I fed her two cups of dry food, which she scarfed. She would have eaten the whole bag, but I don’t want her barfing, so I’ll give her another two cups later this afternoon. We are working on the tics.

She is a border collie. She has a collar, but no tags.She does not bark, and seems to come from a one dog household, as she snarls whenever one of my dogs gets near her. She has very long legs, but probably only weighs 20-25 lbs – not sure as I haven’t tried to pick her up. .

If anyone recognizes this dog, please call me at 831-818-8026. I am sure there is a heartbroken owner somewhere. She immediately took to me – or just so grateful for a place and food out of the wild. Pass the word. I will post this to FB, also, so it can be easily shared. Much as I am taken with this dog, and would easily add her to my pack, I am happy to reunite her with her owner.


After a few weeks with her, I came to think she was purposefully abandoned here in the back country based on her aversion to getting out of the car anywhere but at home. She didn’t make a sound for about six months. She survived out in the wild for a couple of weeks alone, per the vet. Eight years later I cannot imagine my life without this fur baby. She is no longer skinny, in fact, she is a little chunky, her tail wags constantly, and she stole my heart.

24 thoughts on “Eight years ago today …

  1. You always share such love. We’re all the better for it, as is your fur babe. A beautiful recounting, thank you. ❤️

  2. Lucky pup and lucky you! What would we do without our furry family members. Thank you for the inspiring and informative information you bring to us. Yours is always the first mail I open.

  3. With so much negative news these days, it was uplifting to read something positive.Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh my goodness Kate, this is such a wonderful story, & we so appreciate you sharing it! There could be be a Movie made of it, but not here on our Coast please! Lol! 😁

  5. Tears of joy, finally. Thank-you, Kate, for a perfect story. And thank-you, Jan R., for giving me a laugh with your post.

  6. Kate, you are such a gift in so many ways to so many lives – human and fur. And such a good storyteller. When will you publish a book of your essays?

  7. I read your news almost daily from afar . My oldest son lives there Jon Knight , & its 1 way I can keep up to date on part of his life there with it being a pretty tight knit community. This doggie blog of 8 yrs ago definitely tear jerked me in one of those hear warming ways. To hear that others not only wouldnt just take the dog to the animal shelter , but take in & love & nurture a so called stray , gives me a bit more faith in humanity. Thank you for being a kind soul. We really need more

  8. I’ll never know what she went through to find me, but I will always be glad she did. She went to the vet the very next day, and several more times for shots, spaying and general check-ups and has been an absolute joy. She, like many border collies, is polite, responsive, minds incredibly well — better than any of the dogs I have had in my family. We are grateful to have each other.

  9. Such a beautiful story Kate. She found you and it seems like such a perfect fit. YAY to both of you. Hugs. Pam

  10. The best stories leave you with burning questions! How long did it take for her to make friends with your other dogs? Does she still hate to leave the car when she is not at home? Trauma happens so quickly but the healing takes a lot of time

  11. She made friends with all but the alpha female with no trouble. The other alpha female and her had one big fight over my attention. The alpha female didn’t try to hurt her, just teach her who was boss, but Missy got her good and Dakota required 13 stitches. That was when I came home from being gone for the day. I had always been able to separate them quickly before, but not this time. I never put them in that situation again. Now, Dakota is with the others, over the rainbow bridge. Missy helped raise the new one, a German Sheppard puppy abandoned at a gas station in Big Sur, so they never fight. She has learned to leave the Motorhome when she is on leash, but she still never goes very far away unless I go out with her. If it is just Rock Knocker, she is out the door, does her business and right back inside immediately. In the car for day trips, I never even try to get her out, unless it is for the vet, but she hasn’t been since Covid. After 8 years, she won’t go out of the car without me to this day.

  12. Missy and Lady. I never believed in serendipity, yet it’s doubled up here.

  13. Ealier today I commented, in regard to the lost dog from a neglectful owner, that if only dogs/animals could choose their owners. Well Missy did & obviously chose the right one! I never knew the specific beginnings of Missy into your life. It’s a hearwarming story. Happy 8th Anniversary you two!!

  14. I miss So Cal but reading your blog takes me back as if I’d never left. Your found dog tale is so homey, so familiar-feeling to many people and it makes for very nice reading. Thank you

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