South Coast Mail

Andrew, our Postmaster, asked me to pass on his assurance that during the closure at Rat Creek, he would be having mail delivered Tuesdays and Fridays for the duration for those of us south of Rat Creek. Obviously, it is not carved in stone as there are many factors that could affect this, but that he was doing everything in his power to make sure that happens.

7 thoughts on “South Coast Mail

  1. Has anyone heard anything about UPS shipping? The UPS truck comes down from Monterey as far as the base of Gorda Mt. UPS from SLO goes north as far as the Pauling Ranch.

  2. How the Post Office get the mail over? Do they trek it on foot? I’m fascinated by the resilience.

  3. Our Postmaster, Andrew, is truly amazing. Twice a week he will drive it over from Monterey (where it is sorted) and over to the 101 to the 46 and across to the 1 and up. It is about 10 hours round trip, not to mention the 1-2 hours he will spend down here delivering the mail.

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