Big Sur Roadway Damages Coordinator Meeting Summary

From the Office of Representative Jimmy Panetta, Katie Moon, assistant:

“2/2/21 Big Sur Roadway Damages Coordinator Meeting: Summary
Congressman Jimmy Panetta, Senator John Laird, Assemblymember Robert Rivas, and Supervisor Mary Adams’ staff met with federal, state, county, and local agencies to discuss the status of storm damage, assessment, and reconstruction of Highway 1 at Rat Creek, Nacimiento- Fergusson Road, and adjacent roadways. Monterey County, US Forest Service, and Fort Hunter- Liggett are working on road clearing and repair on County and Federal roadways including Nacimiento-Fergusson and adjacent roads. Monterey County is doing a damage assessment with an expectation to have more detailed information next week. Caltrans is continuing assessments of Highway 1 and coordinating residential access to their homes in collaboration with CHP and law enforcement agencies to ensure public safety. The legislative offices and agencies are actively working on making sure that Big Sur residents have ongoing information about alternate access routes and supporting residents by coordinating with the appropriate entities to ensure the continuation of essential services like mail delivery and trash pickup.

[Ed. Note: Southside roll outs for trash will be here as soon as payment is arranged for SLO Rollouts. WM is generating the purchase order as I type, so it won’t be long. Many people worked to make this happen. Northside trash will be handled by WM as always.]

We are in the very early stages of assessment and repair, however the reopening of these critical roadways is a priority at all levels of government and we as legislative offices will continue to work with and support agencies to safely restore access to the Big Sur coast.
Meeting Participants: Office of Congressman Panetta, Office of Senator Laird, Office of Assemblymember Rivas, Office of Supervisor Adams, Caltrans, Fort Hunter Liggett, US Forest Service, Monterey County Public Works, Monterey County Sheriff, CHP, Big Sur Fire

One thought on “Big Sur Roadway Damages Coordinator Meeting Summary


    When was the Rat Creek section of the highway built?

    Are copies of the construction drawings, specifications, soils engineering/geotechnical and other reports available to the public? On one or more websites? By mail? Both?

    If rebuilding is underway, are the plans and specifications available to the public? Will the rebuilding plans be changed, modified, or built according to the original specifications?

    When can the public expect to see the engineering assessment report on the failure?

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