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  1. 120 tonne of tnt FOR ONE SPOT. sheer madness.
    I can’t imagine the environmental destruction that occurred, still recovering from such destruction. Lord forgive us for we know not what we do. I have no doubts the highways days are numbered. Be thankful for what we have now, as with one good earthquake and the highway will gone forever. Much like dams in the west, the things we built in the early 1900s proved to be more about ego then humility.

    I can see a day when you will have to have four wheel drive and use the old roads that connect most of the sur to fort hunter leggit. Coast ridge road and south coast ridge road once the bridges go and the landfill(like rat creek) liquefy during the quake. Could happen today. Could happen in year and years. Be ready for when the music stops tho. Cause it will. Big sur is a microcosm of the Macro.

    Thanks again for sharing these. Wish we had the old timers names for the big sur area too. And the backcountry

  2. They SEEM to be repeating the same mistakes. Even when “compacted,” unconsolidated material (fill) is a failure waiting for the wrong conditions/context to come together. This APPEARS to be more of another dam not built to standards, i.e. to “structural” fill standards. When it clogs again, bye-bye again. No need for an earthquake. Hang the bill on another day to satisfy political considerations and “look” good and expeditious?

  3. Drove into the Nesbit, Circle M circa 1953 when Bill & Lester Smart leased it for cattle grazing (Smart Bros,/ Thompsons Gulch.)
    Was very impressive for us little kids.
    There is a geophysicist in Cambria who has very interesting things to say about the stability of the coastal bench.
    Here in Cayucos, SLO County has it all labeled as “Study Area.” (hill area east of Hwy. One.)
    They used to have a two page notice stating the problems.
    That two page notice mysteriously vanished a couple of years ago.
    There are a multitude of mapped land slides and luckily the earth moves very slowly
    for now but it did break a natural gas connection at a house meter a couple years ago ( entire neighborhood smelled of gas) and from time to time back yards are filled with mud.
    It’s the price we pay.

  4. Powderhouse Cut, what an appropriate name…Holy Shit! This stuff is fun to read, Thanks Kate. Don Harlan must have been a very interesting man, wearing his hard hat to your and RK’s wedding probably looked natural.

  5. I like you Wayne. You seem to be a very knowledgeable gentleman who has insight and information. Can we do lunch once covid is over? I’d love to hear more of what you have to say.

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