5 thoughts on “Rat Creek, posted 3/23/21

  1. Good photos, RK. Gives a current perspective of the action. Thanks.

  2. You may have answered this previously but I’m curious where the fill dirt is coming from?

  3. I haven’t answered this, as I do not know. I do know they hauled out tons of dirt from here and hauled it down to Willow Creek. Where they are getting the fill, I cannot say,

  4. I look at the photos and my mind reflects on the water system feeding the south end of the Santa Lucia property , and Joe and the rat Creek boat works

  5. Does anybody know if Cal Trans is letting hikers and bikers go through the slide area before the construction starts in the mornings. In the 80’s there was a year long closure and my wife and I cycled down the coast and over the road work with a tip of the hat from the buldozer oberators just before they started their shift. What a great memories: just Hwy 1, the two of us and one big ocean.

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