New Big Sur Cookbook

Be a part of history!!!!

The Big Sur Historical Society is discussing creating another cookbook.  Our last one was made in 1981!  It was titled “Recipes for Living in Big Sur”.  Our new one is tentatively titled “Recipes for Surviving in Big Sur”, with the theme of disasters, fire, flood, road outages, pandemics etc.

If you are interested in being on the cookbook committee or submitting a recipe(s) please email us at  Or you may mail your recipe to the BSHS at P.O. Box 176, please write the word “recipe” on the outside of the envelope.  If there is enough interest we will move forward with the project, so please send in your favorite recipes soon!!

We’re excited about creating a new book 40 years later!  Our first book is in its fifth edition so if you don’t already have a copy you may go to our web site at or visit a local shop.

BSHS Board

5 thoughts on “New Big Sur Cookbook

  1. I wouldn’t be of any help to the committee, but I sure hope to be notified when I can buy one!

  2. Is it possible to contribute to the cookbook if one doesn’t live in Big Sur but were inspired by visiting and dining at the many wonderful restaurants there? I would understand if you want to keep it to Big Sur residents only.

    Melissa Michiels
    Carmel, CA for 20 years

  3. I’m a huge fan of the first cookbook and consider it required reading.
    I’m also very much about the survival aspect of things and have a few simple hardtack, and fry bread recipes,using both acorn And pussy willows.
    Not sure if they are into that, or more about the restaurants ect as mentioned above.

    Also have ALOT of cast iron recipes I have made myself up here, mostly beans and rice dixhes I supplement with local seafoods, eggs, venison,elk and garden goodies.

    On a side note,I have a very extensive hairloom seed collection and am willing to share with anyone who has space to grow, as long as they can get me seeds back after wards with detailed description of the micro climate grown in. This is my 20th year of being carfree so I have found it difficult to get off the island and over the bridge to the grange for the big sur big share.. kate,you should definitely interview or so a story about the big sur big share! @Bigsurbigshare

  4. Birdman: If you’re on the South Coast, PV School still has some canned food from the time The BIg Share came around to distribute food, if that interests you. If you’re nearby we’ll see if we can figure out a way to get it to you. Email me @ if you want that to happen.

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