9 thoughts on “Willow Fire Photos, 6/18/21

  1. I’m with Suzanne on the “oh crap” comment . . . Kate, the mushroom cloud in the photos just changed to an anvil in CVV. I wonder if there was a backfire operation creating the mushroom shape plume or . . . wishful thinking, perhaps . . . the fire fight is tamping down the fire?

  2. Thank you always for keeping us in the loop. Too soon for all this fire 🙁

  3. This has got to be so very discouraging after all Big Sur has been through of late!
    Hang in there!!!

  4. The Mushroom Cloud is created by the high fire intensity of the fuels below. As the “heated cloud” travels higher to much cooler air, it does not keep rising and changes shape.

    I would encourage all who have or will have a wild land fire ” challenge” their structures and property, to think about how they can be ” fire wise” and preserve their own property and community. RIP Deb D.

  5. Well said! Thank you!

    If I may add here, as an Astrologer monitoring the grand Cosmic picture~~ These times of great challenge, are actually here in order to move us, & swiftly now, into what is called, the New Paradigm~ Rising above our current ‘Old Paradigm’ of, all it’s about Me, my side, & my gain, & into the New Paradigm, of the We, & our Collective gain. A worthwhile cause indeed, albeit challenging to arrive there. I’m reminded of, No pain, No gain! We will arrive there, as long as we move with, what is being shown us~ much more cooperation, & thereby more Peace.

    The Cosmic cycles at work now, are similar to the cycles we experienced in the 60’s, however now, this return to what is truly of value in life, is to be integrated now~ Back to Mother Earth.

  6. Deep heartfelt prayers for thr firefighters and support crew. Prayers for anyone residing in the area. May things become controlled without any injuries or building losses.

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