Willow Fire, 6/19/21, day 3

This bad boy just dropped on Willow. Looks like he is heading back to Paso, hopefully to refuel

From Park Management Company:

FIRM map from this am (this is becoming the old google earth fire maps). Thanks Kathy Wylie

There is a source for mapping that Mike Caplin reminded me of last night (to him, this morning to me) here:


From this link, he was able to map the fire at 4,000 acres last night at 11 pm. Of course, this is an unofficial size. We will have to wait for the USFS to make their official determination. Here is his map:

And here is a map of all the recent historical fires in the area that Paul Saffo did for us last night.

Here is one Paul did this am. Red is the most recent, orange is older.

At 5:30 am, a helicopter on its way to the fire flew over me. Inciweb is reporting what wildCAD reported last night, the fire is 2000 acres. IMC is setting up in King City, and there is some welcome cooling fog on the coast today. As is usual, I will be adding to this post throughout the day as information becomes available. I would also offer that I have an extensive list of fire-related links to the right that I have developed over the years.

13 thoughts on “Willow Fire, 6/19/21, day 3

  1. Woke up, concerned, thinking about the Willow Fire. Opened your Blog for an update.
    Can’t thank you enough, Kate.
    I miss seeing you on the South Coast and at Esalen. Remembering t
    he few times we shared our mutual appreciation of flowers.
    Best, Shirley

  2. Thanks, Kate. I am struggling to believe we are here. Yesterday I felt that shift that is probably common to so many on this thread – the shift from when we are in a fire to when we are not. Be safe. Take care of yourself (you remain the best source for good information!) and reach out if there is any assistance I provide.

  3. Hi Kate and All, i truly hope the fire fighting management/ fire fighting strategics are taking a very hard aggressive attack on this fire and they should have their large airplanes with retardent lined up to extinguish as quick as possible. The reason being this is another human caused fire that is going to further decimate the arroyo seco watershed that is home to numerous endangered species that are already extremely stressed from climate change and mis management of fire in the Los Padres Mountain range. What i am seeing play out is the fire agencies are taking advantage of Wilderness to let fires burn for profits. This seems to play out with human caused fires whereas lightning caused fires that really should burn out on there own are put out rather quickly. We really do need to reassess our perspective of fire and how to manage properly for peoples safety and species diversity for healthy ecosystems like the Big Pines forest near Mt Carmel or sensitive rivers streams like Arroyo Seco and Big Sur. In other words treat the Willow fire like its burning in Pebble Beach and put out as quick as possible with bonuses and incentives if fire out in week!

  4. Thank you, as ever, for your invaluable information. We can smell some smoke here in Santa Cruz, although air quality is OK for now. Our wishesnfor safrty and and health go out to Big Sur folks.

  5. Thank you Paul H for a very passionate, thought evoking comment. Much appreciated.

  6. Would especially welcome any Tassajara updates. Ashland, too, sits in daily fear of fire.

  7. Even with so little rain this year the growth of grasses and other low fuel here in the Dolan Fire burn area seems to be extra heavy. Perhaps because of nutrients from the ash. Much of the oat grass is six to seven feet tall. So having been burned over just 10 months ago may not offer much protection. An evening easterly wind could bring the Willow fire here in a hurry.

  8. If anyone has any information today on the state of the fire, particularly in the arroyo seco direction. We are concerned about our place at Fred’s camp, and one of our neighbors who stayed is unreachable today. Thanks. Prayers this one burns itself out shortly.

  9. Curious Betsy-
    that’s a real good article on the science of wild fires versus current reality.
    Thanks for posting it.

  10. Can you pls provide links to the sources, people, and maps copied above? They have critical info which we’d like to get when they post long with other info they can share.

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