Vista Fire near JPB at 1 am

Per WildCAD:

7/10/2021 01:02LPF-1770
VistaWildfirePARTINGTON RIDGE.DIV1LPF E16LPF E17LPF E18LPF PAT17LPF PAT18LPF QIvan Lamboo Effective 0838 07/10/2021Grass -Brush Timber 0.136 10.176, -121 41.08220S R3E Sec 19.

From Brian Mack:

Vista Fire, photo by Brian Mack
Vista Fire photo by Brian Mack
Location, in the trees

16 thoughts on “Vista Fire near JPB at 1 am

  1. Oh. No. I hope for quick containment. Our poor planet quickly becoming uninhabitable.

  2. I just spoke with Big Sur Fire and confirmed the following:
    Fire is out. BSF responded to the scene around 1 am to find ~1/4 acre burning with no one around. They quickly put it out, and Forest Service is going to remain on the scene until they’re fully satisfied that the fire is indeed completely out. Thank you Big Sur Fire!

  3. Kate,
    Any update on this fire? Couldn’t find anything on the news about it, this could be good.

  4. Amazing photos, Brian Mack!
    And great work by Big Sur Fire!

  5. Our local Monterey County Sheriff Deputy was first on scene with the help of a resident they started getting water on the fire. Big Sur Fire arrived and volunteers were able to stop all progress of the fire and knock it down and start putting in hand lines. Our brothers from CalFire arrived next and worked with BSF to fully contain the fire while the hand crews from Gabilan arrived and worked to increase hand lines. The USFS patrol arrived and Big Sur Fire handed over command to them and they will stay on scene to patrol. Great working with everyone from all agencies.
    Captain Trey Kropp
    Big Sur Fire

  6. Thanks to ALL that worked together to get this stopped pronto! We’re so fortunate to have that support from the community, to the sheriffs, to the BSF volunteers and the fire agencies.

  7. any proof of source/ignition ?

    and yes, many thanks to all who work to suppress such untimely blazes !

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