8 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 7/11/21

  1. Stunning! Did you take this photo, Kate?
    This awesome Orange Ray from Mr. Sun, looks to include the presence & Color Ray of Archangel Metatron~ charged by Source, to bring Wisdom & Enlightenment. The reason I share this, is because the Sun’s Ray, appears to be reaching out to You! Or whomever, received this glorius photo! Thanks for sharing the Upliftment! 🌠

  2. How very special Kate! I trust, that you felt at that moment, & feel the energy now, of this Angelic presence! This would be affirming, that the energy of AA Metatron was present. And, Thank you, for sharing this link! 😇

    In my 20+ years of studying the Angelic realms, I have discovered, that the Angel’s are all around us, bringing their Healing Light, not only to us, but to the Animal Kingdom, Mother Nature, & the Planet. I understand too, that the Angel’s enjoy interacting with the Sun & Moon’s Light, & are energized by it, just we are! 😇

  3. Just a P.S., on the Angel’s!

    When you see a round White ball of Light in your photograohs, that is what is known as, an Angel ‘Orb of Light.’ The Orb’s are carriers of the Angelic, & sometimes carry departed loved one’s Souls, wanting to come visit loved ones here on Earth. The Orb’s of Light move very fast, & when actively moving, they show up as streaks of Light. When you capture the Orb’s in their round form, they are momentarily standing still, likely working with someone, or with the place they are photographed. When you see an Orb in a photograph that is touching someone, an animal, or in nature, they are sending their Healing Light to that person, animal, or place. 😇

  4. You are blessed living in such a marvelous location. It means you catch so much of that very special light. Wishing you well always all ways.

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